Actress SamanthaSamantha who is busy in Telugu films has two Tamil films in her hands. She has received the Filmfare award for her best acting in the film Naan Ee. She became nostalgic and spoke about her school days.

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She while speaking said, "When I was studying in college I was an uncontrollable girl. I use to be very mischievous. As far as the professors are concerned I am quite studious girl but only my friends know about my atrocities. I will be like a good girl in the presence of my professors.

Once they are away I will start my pranks. I use to tease and rag my classmates. I will involve myself in rowdy activities. Once my professor comes, I will sit like a good child. The blame will fall on my friends head. They will get the scolding from the teachers. When they come out of the class, they will be wild with me.

I will somehow pacify them. I will go to films regularly. I will cut my classes and go to films. I have jumped the college compound walls and have gone for films. Once the watchman caught me and took me to the Principal. She said that she thought that I was a good girl and she never expected this from me. She gave me lots of advices. From that day I became a good person putting an end to all my monkey business."

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