Everyday there is some sensational news about Thalaivaa which has Vijay in the lead role.
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The way the things are happening it is doubtful whether this film will be released at all. It is not understood that what step Vijay will be taking at a time when the police has not agreed for his protest fast.
There is also news that whether Vijayakanth will give his voice in this issue. At this point of time, another incident has taken place silently.
A couple of days back Ajith has called upon Vijay over the phone and asked him not to get tensed and wait patiently.
Normally Ajith is supposed to be known as Jayalalithaa’s favorite so he will not interfere in Thalaivaa’s matter. It is also a known fact that Ajith is not in favor of recommendations.
Sources say that these consoling words of Ajith are only for customary sake. There is a big fight going on without knowing who the real enemy is. This is a real mystique. 

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raj  - Mr.   |114.198.36.xxx |2013-08-19 00:16:38
I saw Thalaivaa a few days ago and I was not at all impressed with the film.
love seeing Vija films for his simple comedy good songs and dancing.
was full of raw violence and communal segregation.The movie was insiting hatred
between the Tamils and the Maharastrians in Bombay.
I am surprised that Vijay
agreed to do this film.
The most irritating thing in the film was Santhanam.Why
are producers and Directors keen on showing this clown in every scene.He spoiled
my day.
Good luck God Bless.
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