Banner: V Creations

Production: Kalaipuli S Dhanu

Direction: Susi Ganeshan

Star-casts: Vikram, Shriya Charan, Aashish Vidyarthi, Vadivelu, Prabhu, Indrajith and many others.

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Cinematography: Ekambaram

Finally, the day has arrived for the big ‘Kanthaswamy’ that was making high expectations ever since the day film was launched. But what’s the result on this big day? The film falls short out of expectations. Sorry to say: the film hasn’t got any values to be sang appraisals off.


In the very beginning we see that hundreds and thousands of devotees raising their needs and prayers. The poor and needy people write their problems through a piece of paper and tie to a tree in the temple of Kanthaswamy. Very soon, the problems get solved through a superhero – Kanthaswamy who appears during night times and sorts out the issues. Cut to – we have Kanthaswamy (Vikram), a CBI officer on the heels of conducting raids in the house of big shots with excess black money. One such encounter is where he comes across PPP (Ashish Vidyarthi) owning Rs.1000Crores. There enters Subbulakshmi (Shriya Charan), daughter of PPP who vows to seek revenge on Kanthaswamy by making him fall in love.

Next follows a series of events that unfolds the mysterious connection with CBI officer and superhero Kanthaswamy. What is the intention of such acts and more? 


Vikram does a mind-boggling job with his show. He looks awesome, trim and much zippier on all parts. Shriya Charan on the other part has nothing to make other than exposing her body to the most, which would be an absolute show for frontbenchers. ‘Super Actor’ Krishna was awesome and Aashish Vidyarthi does justice to his role.


Susi Ganeshan has come up with an interesting story (as he revealed that inspiration was drawn from ‘Jerusalem Wall’ where people write their petitions). But the very narration is as disappointing as it lacks solidity. There are unwanted comedy tracks by Vadivelu. Indeed, the comedy track portion drags the films duration. It’s more revealing that Susi Ganeshan has attempted to shoot the film more stylishly in terms of technical aspects. But he fails to impress both in logics as well technical department.

Technical aspect:

Musical score by Devi Sri Prasad is good catering to the tastes of Telugu audiences. The background score is impressive especially in the penultimate sequences. Cinematography is good but the rapid cuts for every 7 seconds distract us heavily, thusly spoiling best visuals.

Final Take:

‘Kanthaswamy’ lacks solidity screenplay and missing of continuity. If Susi Ganeshan had seriously viewed the first print with few film analysts or special advisors, he could’ve corrected his mistakes. Looks like Kalaipuli S Dhanu wanted to waste his money purposely.

Verdict: Leaves us unimpressive…

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