Aishwarya Dhanush’s open talk

Aishwarya DhanushAishwarya Dhanush is directing the film titled 3 which have Dhanush and Shruthi Haasan in the lead role. Debutant music composer Anirudh is composing music for this film. The song Why This Kolaveri Di is making the youths to scream. Dhanush smilingly says that this song has become like a philosophical song though he sang it erratically. Even Aishwarya who was sitting close to him could not control her laughter.

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Aishwarya while speaking said, “Many are asking me that whether we ourselves initially uploaded the uncompleted song of Why This Kolaveri Di in the net for publicity sake. To tell the truth, we ourselves did not expect this.

We did not upload this song in the net. Someone has uploaded this song which was not complete. Then we planned to release the whole song in the net. Someone who has illegally uploaded this incomplete song has made our song a great hit.

There is also a question that how was Shruthi – Dhanush chemistry. Dhanush is not a new actor. There is a good understanding between Shruthi and us. Apart from this both of them liked the story very much. This will be an important film for Shruthi in her career.

Dhanush has excelled in small actions. There is a rain sequence where Dhanush and Shruthi would have acted intimately. Many are asking me how was I able to digest this as a wife. It is easy for both of them to kiss if they are alone. But the whole unit is looking at them. Moreover I am sitting there. Just imagine how difficult it would be for Dhanush to make love with Shruthi. For me I will not feel anything. If the scene does not come out well, I will ask them to kiss again. I will not leave them until I am satisfied.”

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