Taramani second teaser sparks of controversy

Filmmaker Ram has always been through the career of making movies that are based on City life and how the contemporary changes have impacted the rural and sub-urban people. In Kattradhu Tamizh, he spoke ill about the city life of how IT professional that they have been living uncultured life. Taramani3 Moreover, it seems to be very much appropriate with the second teaser of Taramani too. Over here, he shows how the girls and boys in the IT industry are bounded to uncultured life of one night stand, extra-marital affairs and girls boozing up. Well, we see Andrea Jeremiah as an exception out there, where the director projects that although many women are like that, there are few exceptional cases too. Taramani But we are sure, this teaser is sparking off controversy of debate among the city, sub-urban and village groups. The film is directed by Ram featuring Vasanth Ravi and Andrea Jeremiah in lead roles with Anjali playing an extended cameo role. Taramani2The songs of  ‘Taramani’ composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja have been launched this evening and they are passably good and more enjoyable too. The plans are on to release the movie by February for Valentine Day.


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