There are rumours that I am married: Actress Anjali

Actress AnjaliActress Anjali while speaking to the media said, “I am getting ready to celebrate the Pongal festival. My native place is Razole, East Godavari District. I have lots of relatives.

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During my younger days, my relatives will gather for the Pongal festival. We will wear new clothes. For each Pongal we will go to a relative’s house. I can never forget those days. Since I have become an actress I am not able to celebrate Pongal in a grand manner. I have forgotten Rangoli. It is very difficult in the cinema industry to sustain as a heroine.

But for the last nine years, I am donning the lead role in Tamil and Telugu films. The reason for this is the support of my fans. I am also selecting good stories and acting in them.

Instead of acting in ten films at a time, it is better to act in one good film. If I had accepted all the films that I got I would have acted in at least 30 films. Salary is not the criteria. Good films are important. I am willing to sacrifice the salary if I get a good film. I am also ready to act in single song sequence. I have acted in more Tamil films than Telugu films.

Only the Tamil film industry embraced me and supported me. I will not believe that there is competition between actresses. For every actress their earlier films are the competitors. I am friendly will all the actresses. I am a very soft person. I cannot bear problems. Earlier I have encountered few problems and come out of it.

There are lots of rumours about me. They are spreading rumours that I am already married and I have a child. There is no truth in this news. My full concentration is in acting. I will continue to act in good films and make my fans happy.”

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