There is no self-respect in South Indian film industry: Actress Lakshmi Rai

/images/DailyNewsPhotos/2014/Actress Lakshmi Rai01.jpgActress Lakshmi Rai has ferociously mentioned that there is no self-respect in South Indian Film Industries.

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She while speaking to the media said, “ If the Hindi film Ishqiya which had Vidhya Balan in the lead role was to be remade in Tamil, I wanted to don the role of Vidhya Balan. I have so far not donned such a challenging role.

I am supposed to be a lucky actress as far as Malayalam film industry is concerned. After acting in Malayalam films, there was turning point in my cinema career. 

After this, I started getting offers in Tamil and Telugu film industries. I don’t see my role whether it is a lengthier one. I only see that my role has significance even if it is a small one.

Many are asking that why I am dancing for a Kuthu song. The audience and my fans like this and that is the reason I am accepting these.

The problem is that the South Indian industry without seeing the generosity stamps me as a Kuthu dancer. This is not the case in Bollywood. I have no objection in acting in intimate scenes but the story should demand it. “

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