There should be luck to become popular in cinema: Actress Kirthi Shetty

Actress Kirthi ShettyActress Kirthi Shetty had acted in the film titled Azhagar Saamiyin Kuthirai directed by Suseenthiran.  After this she continued to act in Tamil films such as Saghakkal, Kondaan Koduthaan, Pandiya Naadu, Snehavin Kadhalargal and Maanga.

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In spite of this she did not become popular in Tamil. She is currently acting in a Tamil film titled Sevili. When asked her about this, she said, “Though I am a Kannada actress I have acted in more Tamil films. All were important films. I have donned homely roles in these films.

In spite of this I did not become popular.  Many are telling me to choose glamour roles. I have no problem in acting in glamour roles but I feel that I will be suitable in homely roles. That is why I am donning homely roles. I am donning the role of a family girl in the film Sevili. This is the best role. I liked it very much.

Though my acting was good, I did not become popular. There is no use of having talent alone. Only if the film is successful, then only we can become popular. You will get name and fame. Acting talent alone is not enough. We should also have luck. So far I was having faith in talents but now I am having faith in luck also.”

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