Tube Light Movie Review

Debut filmmaker Indra has written story, screenplay, and dialogues and directed this film ‘Tube Light’ composing music as well. He has played the lead role in this film with Aditi essaying his love interest. The film opens with Indra in disguised form as woman looting money from a youngster and on his return meets an accident, thereby having a hearing impairment.

Tube Light Movie Review

He develops a rare syndrome of hearing few words only few seconds after others say it. This leads him into more complicated situations. He then meets a beautiful doctor Aditi who gives ‘Art Therapy’ to the patients with rare syndrome and during their encounters develop a special bonding. As both of them decide to propose their love and start a new relationship, Aditi gets kidnapped by mysterious groups. Whether Indra would be able to rescue her? Will he overcome his hearing impairment? Who actually kidnapped her forms the crux of this story.


The first and foremost attraction of this film is that he has a unique plot that none have attempted before. Debut filmmaker Indra makes an impressive spell not alone as a director and writer, but does a neat acting. Aditi too gives a decent performance and almost everyone in the star-cast have done their best.


The first half of this film travels with hilarious episodes, but the post-intermission sequences have some serious moments, but it ends well. While Indra conceptualized a newfangled story for this film, it would have been definitely more impressive, if he had come up with an engrossing screenplay.

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