Two reasons behind AAA release in two parts – Adhik Ravichandran clarifies

Young Superstar Silambarasan’s upcoming film Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan happens to be the talk of town, which had generated huge enthrallments over the release of teasers for the avatars of Madurai Michael and Ashwin Thatha.


It was confirmed by filmmaker Adhik Ravichandran that STR will be appearing in three different avatars and the third one would be completely in contrast and surprise to his erstwhile roles of this film. But then, STR came into the picture of unveiling yet another surprisal saying that there is fourth role in this film, which audiences can experience and enjoy in the theatres. Meanwhile, there was an announcement claiming that the movie will be released in two parts.


Adhik Ravichandran clarifies saying that soon after the watching portions of Ashwin Thatha and Madurai Michael, it had a running length of 2hrs 40 minutes and combining the other two episodes together would be too length. So they decided to go for two parts of release – Eid and Christmas release. Since it wasn’t an easy task for STR to shed down weight instantly, it requires some time to prepare for the third role and already 85% of the shoot has been already completed.


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