Udhayanidhi Stalin to rock in advocate’s role

The film Manithan which has Udhayanidhi Stalin in advocate role is being released on 29thUdhayanidhi StalinManithan is a film which has Udhayanidhi Stalin and Hansika in the lead roles.

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Ahmad has directed the film. Radha Ravi, Prakash Raj, Vivek, Sangali Murugan, Mayilsamy and Aishwarya Rajesh are also starring in the film. Santosh Narayanan has composed the music. Madhi has handled the camera. The final works connected with the film are going on.

At a time, when the film is being released on 29th a press meet was organized. Udhayanidhi Stalin who has donned the lead role in this film while speaking said, “ So far I have acted in comedy roles. In this film I have acted in a meatier advocate role. There is an important message about social responsibility. I become a lawyer and go to Chennai to marry my uncle’s daughter Hansika.

Once in Chennai I take up a case. Famous advocate Prakash Raj contends the case with me. How I win the case is the rest of the story. I had lesser dialogues in all the films I had acted. Since I am donning the role of an advocate, there are lots of dialogues for me. In the sequences featuring Prakash Raj and Radha Ravi I have spoken lots of dialogues. I am satisfied with my acting. The film is being released on 29th. The success of the film lies in the hands of the people. After OKOK, Hansika is pairing with me once again in this film. She is donning the role of a teacher. Throughout the film she will be guiding me.”

Director Ahmad while speaking said, “ This film is based on am incident that took place in Chennai. In this film Udhayanidhi Stalin will be speaking lots of dialogues. Acting of Radha Ravi and Prakash Raj will be very superb always. So Udhayanidhi Stalin has taken lots of efforts to act with them. Vivek has also donned the role of advocate. His comedy will be enjoyable. Santosh Narayanan’s music has come out well. Madhi’s camera is captivating. On the whole everyone will like Manithan.”

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