Veera Sivaji Movie Review

Vikram Prabhu plays a call taxi driver, who is desperate urge of Rs. 25Lacs, which he needs out for the sake of treating his niece, who is diagnosed with Brain Tumour. He gets chiseled by John Vijay, a money lender who takes currencies from the parties and then gives them back counterfeit notes. Within just 10 days, Vikram Prabhu who has been cheated by John Vijay has to track him down and at the same time manages to get the fund for niece’s treatment.Veera Sivaji2 The first 30 minutes of the film travels nowhere and even if you’re walking into theatre after this long phase, no issues! The story would have hardly got its intensity. Just after these 30 minutes, you’re getting too engaged till the intermission with fast and gripping narration. But unfortunately, the immediate post-intermission sequences till the climax turn out to be slow and sluggish with commercial ingredients, but in irrelevance to the main plot.Veera Sivaji3 Vikram Prabhu has to improvise with the jovial acting, where he is best when silent, but fails to deliver happy go lucky roles. Shamlee is disappointing. John Vijay is okay. Few humorous quotients are tinted by Robo Shankar and Yogi Babu.

Veera SivajiOn the whole, ‘Veera Sivaji’ isn’t a film that would keep you engaging from beginning till end, but in few portions.

Rating: 2/5

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