Venkat Prabhu’s ‘Goa’ mistake corrected by newcomer

Venkat Prabhu is known for making some of the best entertainers, which has been highly appreciated by the young group of audiences. The director had made a film titled ‘Goa’, which was taken very well among the audiences. But then, there were some cheating shots in the film, where  Venkat Prabhu had shot most of the sequences in Chennai giving a fake experience of being set in the backdrops of Goa.

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But now, here comes a movie titled ‘Ivalunga Imsai Thaanga Mudiyala’, a film directed by newcomer Raja Subramaniam, which is produced by Sakthivel, who happens to be the director of movies like Kandha Kottai and EGO in collaboration with Jagam Narayanan. The banners used for the production are named as Rule Breakers and Diya Cine Creations.


The film is about an youngster who gets acquainted to a girl through Facebook and falls in love with her. Eventually, he travels all the way from Chennai to Goa. The funny incidents that causes him troubles and different experience forms the major part of this movie.


The shooting of this film has been completed and the first look unveiled recently has been getting good reviews and plans are on full swing to get it released by month of October.

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