Vijay Antony Vs GV Prakash and the winner is…?

Music directors turning into actors have been prevalent over many years, but it all became more trending, when Vijay Antony made his debut with the film ‘Naan’. Being a successful music director, he managed to pull off the great sensational impact through his flawless performance in acting too.

Vijay Antony Vs GV Prakash 1Sooner, he became a safer bet for many distributors and producers, especially with his recent release ‘Picchaikaaran’ not alone spinning huge profits in Tamil Nadu, but has managed to make a whopping collection of Rs.18Crore in Telugu version too. The film’s Telugu version is still running house packed and the actor has almost completed shooting for ‘Saithaan’.

While his career graph is shooting up to the top, his contender GV Prakash who also became an actor after his musical venture is going through an adverse condition now. While his first movie ‘Darling’ was highly appreciated for his good performances, his second outing ‘Trisha illana Nayantara’ became a controversial movie, where the women groups felt too awkward to watch this movie.

Vijay Antony Vs GV Prakash 2Similarly, in his recent release ‘Enakku Innoru Per Irukku’, the first few episodes of the film had been carrying some bad comments on girls. This has now made the producers opt Vijay Antony than GV Prakash in their movies as they want to attract family audiences.

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