Vijay Antony’s suspense – Who is Jayalakshmi?

For the ones, who happened to see the first 5 minutes visuals of the film ‘Saithan’, they cannot stop raving about the film’s visuals and nail biting moments that Vijay Antony and his team has delivered. Saithan3 We are talking about the film ‘Saithan’, which had the audio and trailer release recently at Sathyam Cinemas. While many felt that the songs are too heavy to hear for it holds some psychological and horripilating elements in the lyrics, especially the word ‘Jayalakshmi’ heard in some creepy impact. Saithan1 After watching the 5-minute visuals during the special screening, everyone are getting possessed with the strongest quest to know ‘Who is Jayalakshmi?’ and the irresistibly bound minds have to wait for few more days till 17th November.

Saithan2The film will be simultaneously release in Telugu as ‘Bethaludu’, which in Tamil means ‘Vedalam’ and does this make any significance with the film’s plot. Vedalam is a character that is mythological ghost that has encounters with Vikram, a king, who often has to hunt Vedalam down, but by the end of show it would again go to the top of tree. So is this something like an endless mystery that Saithan is all about?

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