Vijay Sethupathi’s open talk on Sivakarthikeyan fan wars

Vijay Sethupathi much more than his realistic and classic performance has managed to win the people’s hearts for his honest and direct manner of speech. He never pretends to be artificial when it comes to rendering speech at public and social events. He never hesitates to click photos even if 1000 fans are landing up at his place. Such has been incredibly increasing the fan following base.  sfvdv Recently while interacting with a media channel, he was questioned on how he takes the competition with Sivakarthikeyan. Vijay Sethupathi replied saying, “I have never thought how did this happen and even Sivakarthikeyan as well. We have never felt ourselves as competitors and Sivakarthikeyan would never prefer creating such scenarios. But it’s always healthy to see such competitions are created as everyone would be focussed on the closest 2 runners on the racing grids than the 10 others running behind. download (2)Although, every cricket match is crucial, it all happens there is some instant vigour while watching India Vs Pakistan. But I request fans to refrain from the wars of conflicting over their favourite actors. If not for the fans, Vijay Sethupathi would have been an ordinary man, who had no respect in his very own circle. Because of audiences, he is here today somewhat respected because of their love and support.”

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