Vijay TV famous actor turns baddie in silver screen now

Vishnu is a famous TV serial actor who was acting in the famous TV serial Office telecasted by Vijay TV. He made his debut through the Tamil film Mappillai Singam.  Then he donned the lead role in a film titled Ivan Yaar Endru Therigiratha. Now he is donning the role of villain in the films Kalari and Sivappu Seval.


Vishnu while speaking said, “ Cinema was my goal. I chose small screen to achieve this. Now I am in cinema. I did not come to cinema with the intention of donning the lead role. I wanted to give importance to good story with a good scope for acting. All the film that I have acted now has all these aspects. Kreshna is donning the lead role in Kalari. I am donning the villain role. The villain role in this film is very important. The twists in the film will take because of the villain. I who donned the role of comedian in the TV serial Office am now donning the role of villains in the films. An actor should prove his mettle in all the characters. Now I have  got that opportunity.

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