Vishal and Varalaxmi end their 7-yr relationship?

It all turned out to be an appalling experience when the fans of Vishal and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar were bound to an extreme shock about their relationship coming to an end. 1470909725_vishal-varalaxmi-sarathkumarLast evening, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar tweeted on her micro-blogging page saying, “Breakups hv reached a new low.. a guy broke up a 7yr relationship thru his manager.. lol what’s has the world come too..whr is the love..?!” (Sic)Instantly, there was a sensational flood that happened over online and media channels started spreading out the stories on flash mode. It is worth mentioning that Vishal and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar have been childhood friends and they were often spotted together in all events. Varalaxmi-sarathkumar-images-8In fact, Vishal had made an affirmation that he would be getting married after the construction of Nadigar Sangam.In spite of the personal issues popping up between Vishal and Varalaxmi’s father actor Sarathkumar, things have been seen well between them. downloadAs the news has been relentlessly spreading out, Varalaxmi had again clarifying on her previous tweet saying, “Lots of speculation about my last tweet.. I’m dating only my work as of now.. so everybody calm down it’s not about me..It’s was jus a tweet” (Sic)…

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