Vishal’s reply to Tamil Film Producer Council’s action against him

Last evening, there was shocking news as a press statement from Tamil film producers council was released to all media channels. The press note cited that Vishal had rendered a defamatory speech over Producers Council in one of his recent interviews using some unparliamentary words. Vishal2 When asked for the explanation from the actor’s perspective advocacies, the production council executive members felt that it wasn’t actually justifying and henceforth, they have repelled him temporarily from Tamil Film Producers Council. Responding to this, Vishal had called forth an immediate press meet and it was even telecasted Live on Periscope about his statement. Vishal3 He said, “It is true that in one of the interviews, I had mentioned that Tamil Film Producers Council has to take up certain important decisions strongly to avoid or curb down certain activities. There is no point in eating just Bajji and Bondas (The snack items in Tamil) over the meeting. Vishal1Do these words ‘Bonda’ and ‘Bajji’ signify unparliamentary or provocative words? I will strive for the best of Tamil cinema and for the upcoming TFPC elections, we are setting our own team with the support of Tamil Nadigar Sangam.”


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