Vivek dons the role of Karthi’s father

Vivek and KarthiAfter the stupendous success of Komban, Karthi is donning the lead role in a film titled Kashmoro. Nayanthara is pairing with Karthi. Moreover Vivek is donning an important role in the film. Vivek is sporting the salt and pepper look in the film.

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Now at this juncture, there is news that Vivek is donning Karthi’s father role in the film. This was kept secret. Vivek had revealed this news during the audio launch of Palghat Madhavan. It seems various getups were tried for Vivek to look like Karthi’s father but none of them suited him.

Finally Vivek said that he will have salt and pepper look in a couple of days and this would work out. If at all Vivek dons the role of a father, Vivek himself will don the son role as well. This is for the first time he has donned the role of a hero’s father. Gokul who directed the comedy film Idharku Thaane Aasaipattai Balakumara is directing Kashmoro.

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