“Vizhithiru will reveal 2 faces of Chennai” – Meera Kathiravan

Chennai has always been one of the most prominent cities on the Indian maps, but then, it has been something with two different dimensions. What everyone sees by the morning is something really different from the night lives of Chennai. When we say Chennai at night, what instantly comes to our mind is ‘patrol’ vehicles and that has an important role to play in this movie.


Vizhithiru as the title suggests is about a film that happens during a night time, where the lives of multiple characters are interwoven. The film stars Krishna, Viddarth, Dhansika, Venkat Prabhu and Baby Sarah in lead roles. The film is produced by Meera Kathiravan himself in collaboration with his friends under the banner name of Haya Mariyam Film House’.


It is worth mentioning that the shoot of this film was completed before a long time and it was on hold for release. Now with everything getting cleared off, there is a positive sign for the release of this film, which is expected to happen omewhere by end of April.


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