Wagah Movie Review

In every film, Vikram Prabhu has been attempting to do something different with his roles and scripts too have proved to be unique. This time, he teams up with the National award winning filmmaker GNR Kumaravelan for the movie ‘Wagah’, which is set against the backdrops of Kashmir involving a love story between Border Security Force official and a Pakistani girl. The film features Ranya Rao in female lead role and features musical score by D Imman.
Unlikeable towards his father’s business of running provision stores, Vikram Prabhu decides to join BSF and over there across the heavenly yet gruesome backdrops of Kashmir, where the turmoil and upheavals find no ends. He falls in love with a Pakistani girl, played by Ranya. When the situation arises for the Pakistanis to move from Kashmir to their country, Vikram Prabhu in a stealth manner accompanies her for her security, only to get red handed at Pakistan military camp. Will he able to escape their clutches and get united with his girl forms crux of the story.
Vikram Prabhu has been trying to make it different in every movie and when it comes to Wagah, his performance is worthy of appreciations. The leading lady – Ranya Rao looks alike Hansika Motwani with her expressions and profile look. Both of them offer a decorous spell with onscreen chemistry. Others in the cast have done their complete justice.
What goes wrong with Wagah is the fallible writing that doesn’t carry a substantial plot. The screenplay is too sluggish with timeworn concept and nothing special to expect as signified by title. When we heard the word ‘Wagah’, we could assume that it is definitely going to have something unconventional in the backdrops of war zone, but nothing as such happens here.
Background score by D Imman and Cinematography are the biggest plus and if the film was more engaging in more places, Wagah would have definitely been an appealing movie to all sectors of audiences.

Verdict: Good performances eclipsed by weak storytelling.
Rating: 2.25/5

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