“We have not authorised anyone to represent us in any debates” – Rajinikanth Fans Association

As mentioned in one of our previous stories, superstar Rajinikanth manages to make any office political views expressed, that happens to be a debate happening everywhere. Even some of the smallest things that he would have said casually become a country’s top headlines. While even the small issues or statements have become such sensational news, how about this announcement upon the political party that he is going to launch.


When the actor made this statement on December 31 2017, almost everyone in the Indian politics and Film Industry started sharing their views. Some of them have been in favour of Rajnikanth and few others offending his decision. Most of the satellite channels hosted many debate shows up on this issue and many have been talking in favour of Rajnikanth.

In accordance to this, all India Rajinikanth fans association administrator V.M. Sudhakar has made an official statement saying that the persons appearing on TV channels for debates or any other platforms are not the official representatives of Rajnikanth or is welfare Association.  So there is no need to take their views as the authenticated ones from Rajinikanth or his welfare association.

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