What happened to Oviya bro: Venkat Prabhu

Yesterday seeing Save Oviya trending, director Venkat Prabhu who was shooting in Fuji Islands was startled.


The Big Boss show is being hosted by Kamal Haasan on Vijay TV for the last one month. The whole Tamil Nadu is stuck to this programme. Though there are negative comments about this show, somehow the TV channel manages the programme interesting.

The pranks and mischievousness of actress Oviya not only attracted male fans but also female fans. Due to this, she is getting numerous votes in support of her. At this juncture, Oviya who was always smiling was made to cry. The crowd seeing the promo got commotional.  Immediately they took up to the Twitter and Facebook and started posting in support of her.


Director Venkat Prabhu who came to know about this yesterday tweeted, “Sorry totally missing whats happening there!!! Oviya ku enna aachu bro?!? (What is happening to Oviya?) #SaveOviya #bigboss.”

Venkat Prabhu is shooting for the film Party in Fuji Islands. The shooting will take place for another 50 days.

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