What made Aamir Khan’s Dangal click among universal audiences?

Lump in throats and Smile on Faces – If you come across such esthetical emotions anywhere in your life, it remains to be a non-erasable moment. Such has been the speechless gestures of the ones who have seen ‘Dangal’.  Aamir2 Binding hearts to the emotions and eyes with a highly prodigious performance, the dialogues that offer you heavy punch and unconditional joyful tears, the film surpasses in every aspect. Aamir3Intrinsical uniqueness about the film is its spellbinding narration, where it doesn’t confine into the boundaries of being a mere ‘Biopic’, but comes out serving the emotions and strong theme of women empowerment.

With the contemporary world getting too mechanical and West-toxically bounded, where the bonding between parents and children are scattered with different perspectives of life, ‘Dangal’ preaches an immense message ‘Worship your parents with heart and soul,” and ‘You give respect to Earth and it will show it back to you…” (A significant message that you respect and show reverence to any profession you do, it will reward you back with same affection).

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