When Vikram had to maintain beefy look for 3 years?

This might sound easier to read, but when you go through such an extensive painstaking moments, there is nothing you could feel literally affordable even for more than a week. Actor Vikram is known for his much scrupulous efforts, when it comes to his dedication and passion for his role, especially in making something new much different and unparalleled with his performances.

Iru Mugan

With his upcoming film ‘’ scheduled for release in September already generating best buzzes for his dual roles, the actor is busy promoting the film across all media channels. Recently speaking with one of the most leading media, he revealed the hardest times he went through while shooting for ‘Bheema’, which demanded his stylish and beefy looks.


He says, “For one day the shoot would happen and nearly for the next 20 days, there wouldn’t be any proceeding due to some production issues. But I had to continue hitting the gyms for the sake of maintaining the looks. It had actually happened to be for three years, which I had to spend all my time in gym without signing any projects…”

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