Why Arjun did not don the villain role?

Everyone is aware that director Muthaiah and Sasikumar have joined hands once again after Kutty Puli. The film has been titled Kodi Veeran. The shooting of the film will commence during the month of April and will take place in Madurai and Melur areas. Hansika is donning the female lead role.Arjun1


Sasikumar has decided to produce this film with high budget than his earlier film Bale Vellaiya Deva, Talks were held with Arjun for the villain role. After listening to the story, he gave his nod. At this juncture the news was spread.

Arjun2 When many came to know that Arjun is donning the villain role, they started phoning him. This caused embarrassment to him. So he changed his mind and quit the film. Now Arjun has denied that he is donning villain role in Kodi Veeran.

Kodi VeeranCurrently Arjun is donning the lead role in a Kannada film. This film is being dubbed in Tamil with the titled Nibunan. At this juncture, if he dons the villain role in Kodi Veeran, there will be some problems when releasing Nibunan.

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