Why Dhillukku Dhuddu fails to impress audiences?

Comedy actor Santhanam’s third outing as hero in ‘Dhillukku Dhuddu’ was released this morning worldwide and there had been good expectations for this movie. This is merely because of the greatest combination of ‘Lollu Sabha’ TV show crew coming together for the first time on silver screen.

Why Dhillukku Dhuddu fails to impress audiences 1It is in fact, the greatest combination as they all created a revolution on TV with their comedy based spoof show. But then, when it comes to their film ‘Dhillukku Dhuddu’, it’s a mediocre result overall. While the genre of this film is reported to be a horror-comedy doesn’t stick well with the actual premise of the story.

Why Dhillukku Dhuddu fails to impress audiences 2We see a very strong introduction of horror-house in the movie by beginning credits, but sooner, it doesn’t have any significance with the tale until the second half. Even then, when the characters enter into the bungalow, there is more off usual humour than horror. Many audiences have been getting out of theatres with disappointments saying, the humour works out only to a certain extent.

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