Why Nayantara will miss ‘Love’ in Dora?

Actress Nayantara in her upcoming film ‘Dora’ will have no interest as it happens to be a murder mystery set in gloomy backdrops. The actress has been consistently attempting to make it more appealing to emblazonher career graph with more colours that she can look back after years and feel proud. Nayantara will missIn a short span of time, she has done some female centric movies based on different genres that include Maya and remake of ‘Kahaani’. The actress is now playing the solo lead in ‘Dora’, which will have no love interest for her unlike her previous movies.The film is a murder mystery that revolves around investigation across OMR, ECR and Tidal Park. Nayantara Harish Uthaman plays an investigation officer while Sulile Kumar from Bengaluru appears as a baddie. Apart from these characters, a car will play an important role in this mystery based thriller. The shooting of this film is almost completed and will have the unveiling of first look and teaser shortly.

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