Why there is bedroom sequence in Irudhi Sutru?

Why there is bedroom sequence in Irudhi SutruSudha who had earlier directed Drohi which had Srikanth and Vishnu in the cast has now directed a film titled Irudhi Sutru which has Madhavan in the lead role. Like her debut film, she has directed this action oriented film. At the same time, a bedroom scene was there in the trailer.

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Director Sudha while speaking about the film said, “ Men have donned the role of boxers in many films. My film speaks about a female boxer. Irudhi Suttru speaks that a woman can also shine in boxing.

This film which has been produced in Tamil and Hindi has been completed in 44 days. Though I am a lady director, I had to keep the bedroom scene because the story demanded it. Madhavan dons the role of a mentor.

We cannot believe them because they are very clear. There will be drawback as well as realism. This girl likes this kind of man. There is a reason for this. We can understand this if we see the film. At the same time, there will be no big build up for this scene in the film. In spite of this scene, the film has been certified with U certificate. From this itself you can understand it.”

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