Will STR song on demonetization pass censor?

Young superstar Silambarasan is always known for making headlines for many reasons. It happens that he recently quit the social media pages and yet he keeps making the best sensational stories in media and public glare. The actor had recently rendered a song based on demonetization for the Tamil feature film titled Thatrom Thookrom. The song has become an overnight success almost scaling one million views on YouTube.


Accordingly, the actor had to face some consequences that involved some resentment from the political parties and groups. In fact, his house has been now offered Police Security to avoid unwanted issues. Meanwhile, director Arul who makes his debut directorial with this movie has clarified on this song on how it relates to the movie. Speaking on this, he says, “The song actually happens to be placed in a situation where the demonetization announcement is made. The song is nothing but the mindset of those people who were completely ignorant about the demonetization and its purpose. Nevertheless, the film has nothing to do with the research or expressing views on demonetization. In fact, STR was so much concerned in bringing the right words that would reflect the perception of a certain group of people on this.”

On the other hand, buzzes on airs are that whether the song would get passed by Censor Board certification members.

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